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Research and Evaluation team standing on the stairs at Special Olympics International HQ in Washington DC.
Ongoing Projects

Abu Dhabi-Specific Parents’ Engagement Program: An Evaluation of its Impact on the Confidence and Well-being of Fathers and Mothers

Through this study, Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA) and its partner government stakeholders will gain a deeper understanding of issues affecting young children (0-8 years old) and their families, while contributing to the development of a strong evidence base. Policy makers, service providers, and other stakeholders will benefit from this proposal in terms of taking action on ECD. 

Sponsor: Abu Dhabi Early Child Authority  

Can You Hear Us Now? Engaging Adults with IDD in Health Research

This study is led by The Ohio State University investigators and includes 3 primary research projects: 1) developing and testing cognitively accessible health and health related quality of life measures to increase and improve self-report in adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities; 2) determining the point prevalence of mental health conditions and health status among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and 3) developing, "manualizing" and evaluating a therapy to address anxiety disorders in adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a treatment/control pilot. 

Sponsor: Administration for Community Living 

Engaging people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) to enhance functional disability representation in point of care settings

This CDC-led project aims to address an important gap in inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and or developmental disabilities (ID/DD) in comparative clinical effectiveness research. The project goal is to increase representation of people with ID/DD in administrative data systems by engaging people with ID/DD and close informants to develop a functional disability demographic checklist for use at the point of care. 

Sponsor: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)