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Vimbai Yolanda Njovo - Global Youth Leadership Council - Africa

Vimbai Yolanda Njovo

Global Youth Leadership Council Member

Vimbai is a 24-year-old social advocate with a bachelor's degree in Social Work from the University of Zimbabwe. Through her personal experience as a sibling in Special Olympics, Vimbai has developed an unwavering commitment to the cause. In addition to her role as a sibling, Vimbai actively participates as a Unified partner, bridging the gap between individuals with and without intellectual disabilities (ID) through sports, projects, and Unified leadership. As a dynamic youth leader and passionate advocate for inclusion, she is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with ID. Vimbai's dedication, academic background, and involvement as a Unified partner have positioned her as a catalyst for positive change and a source of inspiration for others.

"Being part of the Special Olympics movement radiates a lot of joy, empowerment, and satisfaction in me. I feel very blessed to witness firsthand the transformative impact Special Olympics has had on my sibling, my unified partner, and other athletes with intellectual disabilities.”