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FanSided and Special Olympics Return to Super Bowl Media Row with Unified Reporting Team in Ongoing Commitment to Inclusion

FanSided Hires Special Olympics Florida Athlete and Sportscaster, Malcom Harris-Gowdie as Unified Reporter for all Super Bowl Week and Big Game Coverage
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Special Olympics Florida athlete and sportscaster Malcom Harris-Gowdie returns to Super Bowl Media Row as Unified Reporter for FanSided

Las Vegas, NV (February 5, 2024) For the past 11 years, Special Olympics has brought a unified presence of international celebrity supporters and Special Olympics athletes to Super Bowl Media Row. It is at Media Row that these athletes and supporters have an opportunity to share their stories of inclusion with global media outlets, to change stereotypes about people with intellectual disabilities and demonstrate how sports can level the playing field for all.

This year, Special Olympics has again partnered with sports and entertainment network FanSided to host a Unified reporting team at Super Bowl’s Media Row. As part of this partnership, FanSided has hired veteran Unified Reporter and Special Olympics Florida athlete, Malcom Harris-Gowdie, to join FanSided hosts Patrick Allen and Sterling Holmes as the Unified reporting team who are covering all pre-Game news including the Big Game. Harris-Gowdie served on the first-ever Special Olympics Unified reporting team alongside FanSided during Super Bowl LVII. On the ground, Harris-Gowdie conducted over 30 media interviews and was the first Special Olympics athlete to ever attend the Big Game as a reporter. He has worked for his local Port St. Lucie, Florida CBS news station as a special correspondent, served as a guest announcer for the St. Lucie Mets minor league affiliate and was a guest at the 2015 ESPYs.

“When I got the call FanSided asked me back to be a part of their reporting team, I was so excited. Although this is my fourth year attending Media Row with Special Olympics, it is my first paid opportunity to do the job I love the most with my friends Patrick and Sterling from FanSided,” said Malcom Harris-Gowdie, a multi-sport athlete and sportscaster from Special Olympics Florida. “Special Olympics has given me so many great opportunities to show people what I can do. I’m helping show the world what true inclusion looks like. So many people say people with disabilities can’t achieve their dreams. I’m here to show them that anything is possible with hard work and dedication to doing what you love. I never thought I would ever get to ask Patrick Mahomes a question during last year’s post-Game press conference or meet so many of my idols in the halls of Media Row. I’m stoked for this week’s events; it’s literally a dream come true.”

FanSided and parent company, Minute Media, are official global partners of Special Olympics, working with the organization’s programs, athletes, staff, and volunteers around the world to help end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities and further inclusivity in sports through authentic storytelling shared across their vast digital and social footprint. As one of the fastest growing sports and culture content platforms with more than 300 destinations focused on specific fandoms including professional sports, college sports, lifestyle and entertainment trends, and more, FanSided seeks to tell stories that have a positive impact on fan communities. This mission is highlighted throughout their “Why We Play” editorial series, which features Special Olympics and demonstrates the powerful impact and awareness of inclusive storytelling.

“We are so excited to have Malcolm cover his second Super Bowl as he continues to show the world how powerful inclusive storytelling can and should be. His presence in our Super Bowl coverage reflects our ongoing commitment to diverse and insightful sports reporting. We’re honored to support and stand beside Malcom and the Special Olympics organization to pave the way towards a more inclusive sports media landscape.”
Zach Best, Co-Founder & General Manager, FanSided

In addition to the FanSided/Special Olympics unified host engagement at Media Row, Special Olympics will be bringing a Special Olympics athlete and celebrity supporter to launch a new nutrition campaign, helping to increase access to health care for all.

"FanSided is designing their own playbook for how we view sports reporting and inclusive storytelling. Their continued investment and commitment in offering this type of unified reporting experience demonstrates how sports can unify all and helps shatter stereotypes that still exist for our athletes,” said Christy Weir, Vice President of International Media Relations and Communications, Special Olympics. “Giving Malcom direct access to an international audience where he can show his expertise, celebrate his passion and dedication to his craft, while also teaching his fellow reporters how to be more inclusive and promote acceptance, is a game changer in today’s sports environment.”

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