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Ahmad Hayek: Team Lebanon skier


Outsiders sometimes forget that Lebanon is a mountainous country, where summits can top 10,000 feet. Winter is mild along the warm Mediterranean coast; but, in the snow-covered mountain region, the winter sports season gets busy by mid-December. But Ahmad didn't for winter to start his training for the World Games cross-country skiing competition. As one of the youngest athletes going to World Games, he knows there will be tough competition in Austria.

Ahmed has been training on sand through the summer months, working hard to develop his strength, skills and stamina. At only 11 years old, Ahmad can only imagine what kind of competitors he’ll be facing. Ahmad says he is dreaming of earning a World Games gold medal to bring back to Lebanon. He can’t stop talking to his friends, family and neighbors about this unbelievable opportunity.

He can’t wait to show the world what a child with intellectual disabilities can do!