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Denis Schiopu, AIPS Young Reporter Romania

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‘Anything is possible’: Jamaican athlete touches hearts at Special Olympics World Games

He kneels down, resting his hands on the ground in front of his body. He then slowly drags his feet towards his arms. He starts running, gnashing his teeth and using his arms to support himself.
2 Min Read

Didier Drogba: From Shy Kid to Special Olympics Global Ambassador

According to the latest studies, at up to 50% of the world's population is introverted, ranging from needing some alone time to having social anxiety.
2 Min Read

‘I’m Going for the Gold, Mom’: A Jamaican Bocce Player’s Vow

Delroy Sullivan has something in common with his role-model Usain Bolt.
2 Min Read

Asmaa Naser Eddin Wins Medal for Syria Despite Odds

She fled the bomb zone, and she arrived in a country where dreams come true. Learn what she endured just to train.
1 Min Read