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Asmaa Naser Eddin Wins Medal for Syria Despite Odds


She fled the bomb zone, and she arrived in a country where dreams come true. Asmaa Naser Eddin is 20 years old and she was the first Syrian athlete medalist at the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria.

In 14.9 seconds, she finished the snowshoeing 25m final and won the silver medal. “This medal means a future for me. It is for my mother and for my country because in Syria, it was Mother's Day,” Asmaa said.

Asmaa is a big fan of Celine Dion. The girl’s teammates say that she is a big-hearted person, lovely to have as a friend.

Since Special Olympics, Asmaa has proved that her motivation and resilience have no limits: “I usually train three times a week, but in preparation for World Games, I trained every single day,” she says.

“In Syria it is very difficult to train,” added Syrian coach Mohanad A Taha. “Everybody is fighting. Despite war, she managed to win the silver medal, which is great for her and for our country."