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Brittany Tagliareni

UPDATE: Brittany Tagliareni on GMA

Brittany didn't say her first word until she was 6; but these days, she communicates power and assurance—through sports. Dealing with sensory and visual issues, autism and intellectual disabilities, Brittany found a whole new world of success and accomplishment—plus friendship—on the tennis court.

She’s been a dominant force in local and international tennis circuits since she picked up a racket at age 18. Now 28, she is a relentless competitor who has discovered that focusing on her game also helps with her sensory and other challenges. In 2015, Brittany brought home the gold in singles and doubles tennis at the INAS World Tennis Championships and Special Olympics Florida State Championship. In July 2016, she competed in the Orlando United Double Tennis Open as a part of a Unified pair. Not only did she and her partner win gold, she was the only Special Olympics athlete invited to compete in the tournament! At the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games, she won two gold medals.

Now in training for the 2019 Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi, she’s on the court for practice at least four hours a day, at least five days a week; she does off-court training three days each week.

Off the court, Brittany volunteers at Dogs Unlimited and enjoys staying active in the pool and at the beach.

We are proud of Brittany and her role as a leader in The Revolution Is Inclusion! Cheer her on!