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Play Unified 101 for Volleyball Coaches

The Special Olympics European Unified Volleyball Tournament in Katowice, Poland also hosted a Unified Volleyball Coach Workshop.
Player huddle; Planned giving

Coaches and representatives from Special Olympics Austria, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Germany, Russia and Slovakia participated in the workshop and discussed important topics around Unified Sports, specifically Unified Volleyball. Furthermore, all participants had the opportunity to observe most of the matches and deepen their understanding of Unified Volleyball. The workshop was organized to ensure a high-quality development of Unified Volleyball in the Europe Eurasia region.

Special Olympics Global Ambassador and former Serbian volleyball player Vladimir Grbic’s involvement during the workshop motivated the coaches to develop and compose Unified Teams for their upcoming activations. One of the participants, Special Olympics Russia coach Christina Rodina, shared her experience and said: “it was such a great experience and an awesome feast for all of us.”