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Becky Lynch in a black work out tank top.
Welcome Trainers!
Introducing a whole new way to exercise, featuring WWE Superstar Becky Lynch. Work out with these videos five times a week to help you stay fit and reach your athletic goals. Watch them in order starting with Video 1. When you can do each exercise in a video correctly, it’s time to move on to the next one.
The School of Strength has three levels of videos:
Here’s what you need to get started:

A rug or exercise mat

A chair, wall, or another sturdy object you can lean on

Water and a towel

Enough space to spread your arms wide
Fill out a Fitness Tracker to get the most out of your workouts. Download or print out your tracker, and write down when you work out. Seeing your progress on paper can motivate you, help you set realistic fitness goals, and even beat them.
Becky Lynch with a WWE belt around her shoulder standing next to Stephanie Ching, and Greg Deemer
  • This is your introduction to the School of Strength. Use the stretches in this video to warm-up before every workout. Warming up prepares your muscles for exercise. That helps you perform better, and keeps you from feeling sore after your workout. You’ll increase your flexibility, and protect yourself from getting hurt.

    This video covers:
    • Arm Circles
    • Leg Swings
    • Standing Rotations

    For even more stretches you can do as a cool-down, check out the Fit 5 Flexibility Series.

    Want to get right to the exercises? Start at 1:56.
Dylan Landon, Beth Donaue, and Gerardo de la Cerda
  • Get ready to ignite your endurance, Superstar Trainers. These exercises help strengthen your heart and lungs. This helps you to practice or exercise longer and with fewer breaks.

    This video covers:
    • Mountain Climbers: Regular and Jumping Climbers
    • Victory Laps: Jogging in Place and High Knees
    • Jumped-Up Jacks: Jumping Jacks and Jumping Jack Squats

    For even more endurance exercises, check out the Fit 5 Endurance Series.

    Want to get right to the exercises? Start at 1:20.

Dylan Landon flexing his bicep, Angel Athenas pointing at the camera with both hands, and Vince Egan smiling for the photo.
  • Champion Trainers, get ready to feel the burn. Work out with this video to build muscles in your back, stomach, legs, and arms. These exercises help your body stay strong and fit by building healthy bones and muscles.

    This video covers:
    • Power Push-Ups: Wall, modified, and regular push-ups
    • Super Squats: Chair and Regular Squats
    • Belly Blasters: Curl-Ups and Shin Touches

    For even more strength exercises, check out the Fit 5 Strength Series.

    Want to get right to the exercises? Start at 1:52.
Dylan Landon flexing his bicep with his arm around Becky Lynch's shoulder.
  • Congratulations Master Trainer, you’ve made it to your final challenge. Get ready to boost your balance! Balance affects everything that you do. Training with this video can improve your skills in every single sport. It even helps prevent injuries.

    This video covers:
    • Walking The Line
    • Half Kneeling Chops
    • Leg Lifts
    • Bounce and Balance

    Your fitness journey isn’t over after you complete this video. Keep rewatching the School of Strength videos. Working out with them will continue to improve your endurance, strength, AND balance.
    Want to get right to the exercises? Start at 1:12.
Snack Like A Master Trainer
Tap each athlete to reveal their favorite healthy snack.
Angel Athenas

Favorite Sport: Powerlifting
Favorite Healthy Snack: Whole Grain Cereal
Vincent Egan

Favorite Sport: Golf
Favorite Healthy Snack: Almonds
Beth Donahue

Favorite Sport: Track
Favorite Healthy Snack: Peaches
Gerardo De La Cerda

Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Healthy Snack: Celery with Peanut Butter
Stephanie Ching

Favorite Sport: Swimming
Favorite Healthy Snack: Grapes
Greg Demer

Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Favorite Healthy Snack: Bananas
Dylan Landon with a whistle in his mouth standing next to Becky Lynch.
Use our Coach’s Playbook to help make working out feel fun during training sessions. You can also use it to give athletes exercise ideas they can do on their own.
Angel Athenas holding up Dylan Lynch.
Find even more ways to have fun while eating healthy with our Caregiver’s Kit. You’ll get nutrition tips and tricks that encourage your athlete to make healthy choices on their own. You’ll also get a fitness tracker you and your athlete can use to set goals and record progress.
Extra credit: 30-minute workouts with celebrity trainer Shannon Decker
Get fit with new School of Strength workouts lead by celebrity trainer Shannon Decker and Special Olympics athlete Vince Egan.
Get fit with new School of Strength workouts lead by celebrity trainer Shannon Decker and Special Olympics athlete Stephanie Ching.
Get fit with new School of Strength workouts led by celebrity trainer Shannon Decker and Special Olympics athlete Angel Athenas.
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