Athlete and Coach Terrence Davis Tells Other SO Leaders to “Say What You Want.”

Long-time athlete Terrence Davis is heading to Abu Dhabi for the 2019 World Games as a coach for the SO St Vincent and Grenadines Bocce team. At the 2018 Global Athlete Congress held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Terrence shared a little bit about himself and his thoughts on leadership.

Athlete, Terrence Davis, and another person sitting on concrete steps next to a brick wall.
Terrence Davis (right) at the Global Athlete Congress in the Dominican Republic in November 2018.

My name is Terrence Davis, and I’m here [at the Global Athlete Congress] to learn more about what the movement has to offer for athletes and future leaders of the movement. I’m also here because it gives me an opportunity to share with other athletes who are in the same thing, and we’re all working to move the movement forward.

I am from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. That’s part of the Eastern Caribbean. I think that the best thing about me is that I love to have fun, and with having fun, I get to enjoy the things that I do. I’ve also been blessed to have been awarded last year as one of my nation’s sporting ambassadors. To top things off, I have also in that time gotten a son who is one year old. It’s just a joy to be with him. I do miss him [this week]. When he was in his mother’s womb, I would talk to him at maybe 2:00 in the morning and now he’s in a routine where he wakes up at that time. When he wakes up, I talk to him just like I did before he was born. His name is Matthew.

Terrence Davis with other athlete leaders in a group photo.
Terrence Davis (in green) with other leaders during the Global Athlete Congress in the Dominican Republic in November 2018.

I have done track, bocce, and floor hockey. I love them all but floor hockey is awesome! I enjoy bocce because I can teach it to anybody and you can play it on any surface and have fun, fun, fun. [My advice to athlete leaders is] we are all individuals; we are wonderfully made. As individuals, we should know what we want, and we will get the help if we say what we want. If we can’t say what we want, then we won’t get the help. It’s not going to be an easy road, but at the end of the day, you will love it and it will be awesome.