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Athlete Leadership Leads to Employment in Kenya

Six people sit around a table with computers, folders, pens and paper. Jimmy Masina addresses them from his seat.
Jimmy Masina (Special Olympics Africa) speaks with members of the Africa Regional Athlete Input Council on the day before the opening of the November 2018 Global Athlete Congress in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is the perfect time to highlight the Athlete Leadership programming work that Special Olympics offers athletes with intellectual disabilities. The International Day of Persons with Disabilities, as sanctioned by the United Nations, occurs each 3 December to promote inclusion in “human rights, sustainable development, and peace and security.”

Special Olympics Athlete Leadership programming creates opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities. This personal and professional development means Special Olympics athletes are poised contribute to their communities and societies in meaningful ways.

These videos are great examples of the real world results athlete leaders experience when corporate partners like Bank of America support leadership programs in Kenya, Africa and globally.

In one of the videos, you’ll hear from Howard Masha who says, “I always dreamt of having a job. Special Olympics has given me an opportunity. And now, I’m able to provide for my family and even assist other athletes.”

In Linet Sharon’s video, she shares, “Through sports, I learned to gain courage, gain confidence, work with a team and communicate with others.”

Watch both videos below.

Linet Sharon Awino, athlete leader in Special Olympics Kenya
Howard Masha, athlete leader in Special Olympics Kenya
Howard Masha, a Special Olympics Kenya athlete in Nairobi participates in football and Unified Sports. Through sports Howard was able to built courage, gain confidence, improve his communication, and learn to work as a team. Watch the video and learn more about Howard.

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