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Aristotelis Makris - Special Olympics Hellas (Greece)

Aristotelis Makris

Special Olympics Hellas (Greece) - Swimming

How do you define your abilities?

I am moderately autistic with a high degree of functioning. Despite my autism, I have a range of social skills, like caring for other people which is why I am extremely popular with my peers. I have participated in national swimming games. I am also very good in baking, cycling and barbering. Sometimes, I help as a waiter at the family business.

What should coaches know about working with individuals with autism?

Each person with autism is different.

What stereotypes or misunderstandings about autism most frustrate you?

You should know that I am not stupid and I am not a threat.

What do you most want people to understand about autism?

My routine is important so don't plan anything without me.

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