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Dacki Sandiego - Special Olympics Philippines

Dacki Sandiego

Special Olympics Philippines - Badminton, Basketball

How do you define your abilities?

Beyond participating in sports, I decided that I should also give back to my own community and volunteer with Special Olympics Philippines. I help to organize events, coach budding athletes in badminton, and share my story at public events.

What should coaches know about working with individuals with autism?

Coaches should know that athletes with autism can handle a lot.

What stereotypes or misunderstandings about autism most frustrate you?

In terms of misunderstandings about people with autism, some believe we might not be able to get employment. My greatest accomplishment is that I’m fully employed in the Human Resource department at a global financial firm.

What do you most want people to understand about autism?

Autism is just a matter of character. It is a uniqueness that people should understand. People with intellectual disabilities should be accepted and welcomed in society.

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