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Isaac’s Story: Athlete Advocate for the WHO QualityRights Initiative in Ghana

Isaac Quansah Otchere standing next to the keepers net on the pitch.

For many years, there have been human-rights violations—plus inadequate care and support—that deeply affected the lives of people with intellectual disabilities in Ghana. The WHO QualityRights initiative in Ghana aims to stop this, with the help of Special Olympics Ghana. And who could bring insight and understanding to help achieve this important goal? That person could only be someone with intellectual disabilities. Isaac Quansah Otchere, a Special Olympics athlete, was appointed to this crucial role.

For the last few years, Isaac has been advocating for the WHO QualityRights initiative—and making great progress. He shares his experience as a person with intellectual disability, promoting understanding and empathy among his audiences.

Isaac has also been involved in the planning and implementation of the Face-to-Face training on QualityRights organized for Special Olympics Ghana coaches. He also advocates for people (especially family members) to complete the QualityRights e-training.

In addition, Oscar also helps moderate Family Health Forums, inspiring all with his insight and leadership.

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