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Justin "JJ" Jones Gets His Motto From His Dad


Justin Jones, aka JJ, has been with Special Olympics Pennsylvania for three years, competing in multiple sports, though swimming is his favorite.

JJ, 21, graduated from Allerdice High School, where he made honor roll and citizenship honor roll, which included a star by his name during graduation to signify his accomplishments. He currently participates in City Connections and attends vocational training.

When he isn’t studying, JJ volunteers at the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers in maintenance and landscaping. He spends his free time reading, especially anything that helps him learn about the entertainment industry.

JJ’s father is a pastor and during each sermon he asks people to shake someone’s hand to spread the love. JJ calls it the “Shake and Spread,” and it’s a motto he tries to live by every day.

Everyone who meets him describes JJ as easy going, very helpful, loving and willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. His older brother is an awesome bowler who offers him tips; and their grandparents started a children’s bowling league in their hometown. JJ’s older sister shares his love of travel, bringing him along on as many adventures as possible, so they can “Shake and Spread” everywhere they go!