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How Michelle Canazaro's Practice Proves Her Dedication


To train for winter sports, Michelle has no choice: she laces up her snow boots, straps on her skis, and heads to the beach -- even in blistering 90 degree heat.

As one of the few 2017 World Winter Games athletes from Florida, she had a challenge finding show and snowdrifts to practice her maneuvers. She's a multisport athlete who's been with Special Olympics since age 8, nearly 20 years ago!

In 2017, she attended her first World Games in Austria. Michelle is also an athlete leader -- and a multisport athlete: competing in swimming, paddle boarding, bowling, softball, soccer, basketball and snowshoeing. She also likes to draw, paint, and sing when she’s not busy playing sports.

She's a two-time gold medalist for paddle boarding in the State Games in Sarasota, Fla. She attended technical college and received a certificate from the Administrative Assistant program. She's now an office assistant at the Dan Marino Foundation, where she's worked for the last 3 years.