Bradley Robert Moore
Equestrian rider Bradley Robert Moore didn't let circumstance stand in his way.
Brittany with a woman on the courts. Brittany is smiling big and has on a USA shirt. in the background is a Play Unified sign.
Brittany Tagliareni has won her first game of the 2019 World Games in a hard-fought match against Belgium's Lies Gielis, daughter of late European football legend Marc Gielis.
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Brittany Tagliareni post-match interview
Brittany Tagliareni stops for a brief chat about at windy Zayed Sports City.
Brittany hugging her fiance Ryan on the tennis court
Brittany Tagliareni and Ryan Smith are not just mixed doubles tennis partners. They are also a couple off the court, engaged to be married.
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Brevard Banditz win Special Olympics softball gold and Honor Retiring Coaches.jpg
After the Unified team from Florida won, Bob Rall and Tonya Snodgrass took off their shoes and laid them on home plate. Learn why.
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Bocce innovation centre court at Special Olympics Florida State Summer Games.jpg
Bocce courts featuring a revolutionary design took center stage—find out what was so different about them.
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To train for winter sports, Michelle laces up her snow boots, straps on her skis, and heads to the beach -- even in 90 degree heat.
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Being different never kept him out of the pool; in fact, it's what got him in the water in the first place.
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She started at 16 years old, now 27, she has discovered that focusing on her game also helps with her sensory and visual issues.
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With the help of Special Olympics, she has come to love the water. Find out why that might have been unlikely several years ago.
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