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Ranveer Singh Saini Has Taken Long Road to Triumph


Not long ago, nobody would have thought that a boy with intellectual disability would conquer the world. Today Ranveer Singh Saini has! Diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 years, he has been a fighter, defying the odds with Special Olympics as the catalyst!

His transformation to an excellent golfer spearheaded when he was introduced to Special Olympics Bharat & Golf. Special Olympics enabled him to beat all autistic downturns, emerge socially uplifted & be the ace golfer he is today.

Today, at 17 years old, Ranveer is a well-known golfer who managed to create history by winning the first Gold for India in Golf at the Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015. Along with numerous awards and laurels, he is also the recipient of 4 Gold Medals at the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Golf Masters over the years. He is also the first Indian to be a LIMCA record holder for four consecutive years and the recipient of the Highest Sports Honour of State ‘Bhim Award.'

Journey from Autism to Gold

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