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There’s Always Something to be Happy About

Special Olympics Specialist in Brand, Communications, and Content and Special Olympics Maryland athlete Ben Collins shared his thoughts about International Day of Happiness.
Special Olympics Maryland athlete Ben Collins smiles for photo beside Special Olympics chairman Tim Shriver who is wearing a cheese hat.
Special Olympics Maryland athlete Ben Collins and Special Olympics chairman, Tim Shriver.

The purpose of International Day of Happiness is to reflect on happiness in our lives for our well-being and spread happiness to others.

A smile is considered the universal way of saying hello. Unfortunately for me, I cannot see when people smile because I am visually impaired, so I like when I hear people laughing. Laughing with others brings me happiness. On this International Happiness Day (20 March) we need to think about how smiling and being happy can sometimes be hard, but we need to look to the future or perhaps look in the past to find our inner happiness.

For me, I like to think about all the friends I’ve made while competing in Special Olympics over the past 40 years. I like to think about the future knowing I will laugh with them again real soon. Happiness can be a phone call from an old friend or an email from a coworker who works across the world. It can be when someone opens the door for you, or it can be eating your favorite meal while watching your favorite show like Jeopardy. Happiness for me is helping people every day. I like to call people to see how they are doing and ask them if there is something I can help them with. I like to make jokes and brighten people’s day.

My gift for you today is that I hope when you read this you smile really big and that it makes you happy on the inside, where it counts the most. I hope that on this day you take the time to reach out to someone and make them smile or laugh, because being a really good friend is pure happiness!

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