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Washington DC Sharkfest Swim 2019

106 athletes and Unified Partners came from throughout the North American region to swim at the inaugural Washington DC Sharkfest Swim. The participants ranged in age from 14 – 75. A large group of 8 Special Olympics athletes participated in all distances—4K, 2k and 1k. Huge thanks to Potomac Riverkeepers from Special Olympics and Sharkfest for water quantity testing and providing water safety support.

Mark June 21st, 2020 on your calendar for the 2nd Annual Sharkfest Swim.

Athlete in a yellow swim cap focuses on his strokes.
Special Olympics Virginia athlete and Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 gold medalist, Jenny Mitchell, began swimming in open water since 2012. Mitchell locks in on her finish.
Athlete rounds a Special Olympics Play Unified themed buoy.
Local open water swimming athlete makes her way around the Play Unified buoy.
Lifeboats patrol the river and the safety of athletes in the open water as the swimmers round a Special Olympics Play Unified themed Buoy.
Potomac Riverkeepers patrol the river with their lifeboats to ensure the safety of athletes in the open water.
A large group of athletes swimming in open water.
Special Olympics athletes and Sharkfest open water swimming competitors lunge out ahead at the start of the race.
A group of athletes and participants including Kester Edwards stand together for a group photo.
Special Olympics athletes, staff, and volunteers gather together for celebratory photo after swimmers receive their open water swimming medals.
Two women on the docks, still wet after getting out of the water, poser for a photo together.
Special Olympics Virginia open water swimming athlete poses with her unified partner, whom she swam with.
Swimmers standing on the dock preparing to swim, one athlete is already in the water and another is sitting with his feet in the water.
Mixed open water swimmers tighten caps, test water, and warm up.
Two volunteers (one sitting and one standing) registering attendees.
Athletes, sponsors and volunteers arrive early in preparation for the Sharkfest Swim.
Two women looking off into the sunset
Jenny Mitchell poses after her swim with Special Olympics Open Water Technical Delegate and coach, Anne McLindon.
One athlete plunging into the water, another climbing up the ladder; other athletes and spectators are watching from behind on the docks.
Local athletes plunge into an all-inclusive Sharkfest Swim.
Attendees registering for the event at a table with volunteers on the dock.
Local and Special Olympics athletes check in bright and early for the 8 a.m. kick off.

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