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Kester Edwards

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Unity at the First-Ever Special Olympics Caribbean Sports Ministers Forum

On 6 October 2021, Special Olympics convened its first-ever Special Olympics Caribbean Sports Ministers Forum.
4 Min Read

How Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the Special Olympics

FanSided publishes video tribute to Special Olympics founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
1 Min Read

Special Olympics Hour on SiriusXM

Wilmer Leon, host of Inside the Issues on SiriusXM radio’s Urban View – Channel 126 dedicated an entire hour to Special Olympics on Saturday, August 15, 2020.
1 Min Read

2019 Trinidad & Tobago Beach Games

Over 175 athletes, coaches, and volunteers descended on Last Cuevas Beach in Trinidad for the 4th annual Special Olympics Beach Games.
1 Min Read

The Inaugural Washington D.C. Sharkfest Swim Safely Dives into the Unknown

Safety. A word often stressed in order to ensure the well-being of a given individual. A word often recognized as a goal for individuals to attain in their attempts to protect those they care for from hazardous situations.
2 Min Read

Dive Into Summer with the Inaugural DC Sharkfest Swim

The Inaugural Washington DC Sharkfest Swim—taking place in Washington, D.C.'s National Harbor waters on June 23, 2019—is bringing three organizations together to host one fun and inclusive event.
1 Min Read

Athletes Get “Fit” for Games

Bob Beamon, Olympic Long Jump Record Holders, Helps Fit Athletes with Shoes
1 Min Read

Kester Edwards

At the age of seven, Kester Edwards was run over by a bicycle that put him in a coma for weeks and changed his life forever. For years Kester was taunted and bullied for having an intellectual disability, but he found joy and purpose through sports with Special Olympics Trinidad and Tobago.

7,000 Pairs of Shoes Donated for 2019 World Games Athletes

Longtime athlete and Special Olympics employee organizes initiative to address a global need.
1 Min Read

Trinidad & Tobago Beach Games 2018

Fun in the sun was had by all during the 2018 Trinidad & Tobago Beach Games held in Las Cuevas, Trinidad.
1 Min Read