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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness
Special Olympics swimming athlete standing with her hands up celebrating wearing a black swim suite, goggles, cap, and her medal; she is standing in front of Special Olympics signage.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are some ways Special Olympics Healthy Communities are promoting awareness:

Special Olympics Poland has partnered with a local entity to bring mobile breast cancer screenings to their events. They have also created a video to help athletes do self-checks and to show female athletes that they can be in charge of their own health. You can watch their video here!

Special Olympics Venezuela has been encouraging all athletes and their families to be screened for both female and male breast cancer. They have been collaborating with the Candelaria Ambulatory to carry out breast screening consultations regularly and are encouraging people with intellectual disabilities to take their health into their own hands with self-exams and seeking prompt consultation upon finding any irregularity.

In Special Olympics Arkansas, through a partnership with the University of Arkansas for Medical Services, they have been using a “MammoVan” to provide on-site mammograms to women above the age of 40 whether they have insurance or not. Having this important screening for free and in a convenient location can make the difference for athletes with an earlier diagnosis and it can provide peace of mind for women as well. Special Olympics Arkansas is also partnering with Arkansas Disability and Health to encourage their partners to attend “Women Be Healthy Trainings” where they learn to teach feminine and breast health to people with ID. That training resource can be accessed here. (Please note, because the curriculum was developed before 2002, there is incorrect language in reference to intellectual disability.)