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Community Impact

Special Olympics Celebrates Over 660 Sport Federation Partnerships on Olympic Day!

This Olympic Day, Special Olympics celebrates the support of over 660 National Sport Federations and National Olympic Committees that help us bring the transformational power of sport to people with and without intellectual disabilities around the globe!

Through collaborative international sports federation partnerships, Special Olympics is able to expand its reach and increase participation for people of all abilities to discover new sports, get active, and showcase the importance of inclusion through sport in their communities.

With the support of these partnerships, Special Olympics continues to improve opportunities for Special Olympics athletes to perform at their best through quality training and competition led by highly trained coaches and officials, while building social inclusion and positive attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities.

Learn more about our partnerships below!

Graphic displaying sports partnerships: 
Special Olympics 669 Sports Partnerships. 
38 National Olympic Committees, 51 National Athletics Federations, 22 National Tennis Federations, 55 National Football Federations, 52 National Aquatics Federations. 
Per region: 54 North America, 140 Latin America, 33 Middle East-North Africa, 93 Africa, 211 Europe Eurasia, 56 East Asia, 82 Asia Pacific.