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Inclusion, Solidarity and Sport - New Model for a New Time

Early November, on the island of Bonaire, a Local Organizing Committee, together with the national government of the Netherlands invested in a new, innovative, and transformative model of development through sport programming for youth with intellectual and development disabilities.
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Caroline Tangitau Sweeps Silver in Powerlifting

Caroline Tangitau traveled more than 11,027 miles/17,500 km from New Zealand to Germany to participate in the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 in women’s powerlifting.
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After Unified Cup Success, Dominique DeHerrera Aims for Even Bigger Name

Dominique DeHerrera may be undersized, but her size doesn’t hold her back on the soccer pitch. Having played the sport since the age of four, the now 20-year-old DeHerrera gets to show her athletic ability and intense competitive spirit at the forward position. Her fierce and mighty style of play has created opportunities that only a select few get to experience.
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Stingers Family Values: Sportsmanship Turns to Success

The Lasalle-Windsor Stingers dugout was filled with raucous energy as the lanky Matthew Cormier made his way to the batter’s box. His teammates cheered, clapped, and stomped to encourage Cormier as he prepared for his turn at bat. Chants of "let's go Matt!" filled the air. It had the atmosphere of a tightly contested game where everything was on the line.
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Beth Meyer Finds Joy in Achieving Long-Time Dream of Competing at USA Games

It was a full-circle moment for Beth Meyer. The swimmer has competed for Special Olympics Ohio since 1990 but had never participated in the USA Games, the organization’s biggest domestic competition. But 2022 happened to be her year.
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90Min Covers Unified Cup 2022 Finals, the online football (soccer) news site, covered the women’s and men’s Division 1 final matches of the Special Olympics Unified Cup Detroit 2022.
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Special Olympics New Hampshire Athlete Becky May Makes Impact in Fundraising and Basketball

In her 40’s and with nearly four decades of experience in various disciplines, May hopes to be a role model for the younger generation and new athletes in many ways.
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Malta Hosts First International Special Olympics Event in Europe Since Pandemic

Welcoming athletes to compete in six different sports disciplines: aquatics, athletics, bocce, bowling, football, and table tennis.
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Athlete Preparedness

Preparing for a big competition takes both mental and physical exercise. This month, I’ll share with you how I prepare for state competitions and my advice on overcoming any nerves. Personally, I’ve only competed at regional and state competitions for Special Olympics Illinois. You can apply the tips I share to national or world games competitions.
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