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Jimmy Masina and Lou Lauria discuss Special Olympics federation partnerships and the being an athlete official.
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They examined Special Olympics World Winter Games facilities and discussed further steps to prepare for the competitions.
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Special Olympics World Winter Games Kazan postponed to January 2023.
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Congratulations to the athletes, staff, volunteers and family members who took part in the first-ever Special Olympics World Championship DanceSport competition!
The Special Olympics World Championship DanceSport Graz 2021 taking place on 20 August will mark the first-ever Special Olympics DanceSport World Championship. The event, held in Austria, is the first time that Special Olympics has held a World Championship of any kind.
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Since the Covid pandemic. many programmes in Europe have launched a new version of their virtual games!
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This article talks about the two coaches that were selected for the SONA outstanding coach award.
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Special Olympics Chinese Taipei athlete Michael Fan inspired his mother Angela Huang to become an open water swimmer and coach.
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The Special Olympics Switzerland Challenge is a new multilingual website and activity hub where athletes can participate in digital training sessions and competitions, no matter where in the world they are!
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COIVD-19 is one of the reasons the city of Liverpool will not be able to host the Great Britain National Games in 2021.
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