Unified Sports Experience Featured Lots of Star Power


On Monday, 20 March, Dr. Timothy Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics and his wife Linda Potter took to the hockey rink in the Graz convention center for their turn in a USE event - floor hockey. Dr. Shriver gave it his all, and on one occasion, after Dr. Shriver took a bold shot at the goal and sailed the puck in for the point, took an uninhibited victory jig. A professional hockey player he may not be, but you would never know by the sheer effort he put forth.

Linda was no less determined as she gracefully glided across the hockey rink, jockeying for control of the puck whenever the opportunity arose. But the true stars of the USE competitions were the multi-national Special Olympic athletes themselves. Even though most only spoke their native tongue, teamsmanship apparently broke the language. I am inspired and moved beyond words by these athletes who show us all that having heart and determination knows no bounds, and that inclusion is a concept that feeds the soul.