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Community Impact

World Youth Skills Day

Announcing the Sixth Cycle of Youth Innovation Projects.

Since 2018, Special Olympics has been supporting Youth Leaders making their vision for inclusion a reality in schools and communities around the globe. With the support of global leaders in philanthropy, the Youth Innovation Project initiative brings resources and support, directly to young people, empowering them to engage their peers and community in creating inclusion. Since its inaugural year, Special Olympics has funded 465 youth-led projects in 130 Special Olympics Programs.

On World Youth Skill Day in 2021, Special Olympics is proud to announce the next cohort of 123 Youth Leaders who are leading the way for inclusion in their schools and communities through pioneering projects supported by Samuel Family Foundation, Lane Global Youth Leadership, Kantar, PMIEF, and Microsoft. In this upcoming cycle, Special Olympics is excited to support 66 projects on inclusive sports, health initiatives, technology, and more in 45 Special Olympics Programs.

Watch the video to hear from Special Olympics Argentina’s Fabricio and Mariana on the importance of empathy, teamwork, and empowering youth to channel their skills to create a more inclusive world for all.

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