Branding and imagery for Honoring Champions of Inclusion
From 20-26 July 2020, Special Olympics is celebrating champions of inclusion as part of Global Week of Inclusion and "The Revolution Is Inclusion," a five-year campaign.
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Image reads: Give with Bing
Microsoft has launched Give with Bing, a new way for donors to support Special Olympics by giving back without giving money. To participate, simply sign up for a free Microsoft Rewards account and turn on “Give Mode.” Bing searches will earn Rewards points that will be donated directly to Special Olympics each month. This campaign will run from October 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020.
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Cover page of the Global Youth Engagement Impact Report. Photos of youth engaging in Special Olympics around the world.
Special Olympics Global Youth Engagement seeks to create inclusion in schools and communities around the world through the empowerment of youth, families, teachers, and other supporters.
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Two young man standing side by side, the young man on the right is waving to someone off camera.
In 2019, Isak Langfors and Olle Ekman from Uppsala in Sweden had a simple dream—to ensure that young people with intellectual disabilities in their city could experience the joy of football.
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Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Youth Leaders playing in a game of Unified basketball.
Global expansion of Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools was announced as one of the top proposals in helping to solve one of the world’s most crucial social challenges
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Three athletes gather for the SPROUT app launch.
Special Olympics Asia Pacific has partnered with a team of tech giants including Microsoft to develop an inclusive fitness app geared specifically to individuals with intellectual disabilities.
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Athletes lead the way as the voices of the Special Olympics movement, educating the world about the potential of people with intellectual disabilities through their insights and contributions.
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Find out how John Makau has overcome an intellectual disability to lead his family, and many others too.
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This ad shows how the tech giant is working to help track our athlete performance and more.