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Youth Leaders Promote Digital Accessibility for All

19 May 2022 – Special Olympics Cape Verde Youth Leaders Edna and Clenira know that improving digital accessibility is essential to building a more inclusive world. Over the next 6 months, the pair will plan and implement a Youth Innovation Project titled “Cape Verde Digitally Accessible for All.”

Edna and Clenira will collaborate with local businesses to improve digital accessibility through increasing local awareness of its importance and providing technical skills trainings for young people with intellectual disabilities (ID). Their goal is for young people with ID to have increased autonomy to access the digital world and greater ability to interact with their families, friends, and co-workers.

“Knowing that the world is still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with more social interactions taking place online, we believe that young people with intellectual disabilities could benefit from a project focused on improving digital accessibility and minimizing the impact of social isolation,” Edna said.

Graphic design including two photographs of Special Olympics Youth Leaders and the following text: On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Special Olympics Youth Leaders around the world are planning and implementing Youth Innovation Projects to remove barriers to digital accessibility and create a more inclusive, more connected future for all.

Around the world, Special Olympics Youth Leaders are removing barriers to inclusion and unlocking a more accessible and connected future. By harnessing their innovative spirit through Youth Innovation Projects, Special Olympics has developed a global network of grassroots leaders for inclusion.

Launched in 2018, the Youth Innovation Initiative provides opportunities for Youth Leaders with and without ID to implement their visions for inclusion. Today, on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we celebrate the launch of the eighth cycle of Youth Innovation Projects, with 47 new youth-led projects being implemented by over 68 Youth Leaders across 36 Special Olympics programs.

During cycle 8, Special Olympics has challenged Youth Leaders to design projects that will impact digital accessibility in their local communities. These Youth Leaders are committed to promoting inclusion, social connections, and digital accessibility at the grassroots level to pave the way for a more inclusive future for people with intellectual disabilities.

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