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Cleveland Browns' Baker Mayfield Releases Clothing Line to Benefit Special Olympics

Baker Mayfield warming up; he's in a yellow hoody, a gray Browns hat, with head phones on while throwing a pass with a(n) (American) football.
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield warming up before a game.

The Cleveland Browns star rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield has reenergized the team by leading the Browns to three victories, the most since 2015. Mayfield's aim is to not only make a difference on the field with the Browns but to make difference in the Cleveland community. Through a partnership with Barstool Sports, Mayfield will sell a collection of T-Shirts & sweatshirts featuring outlines of his signature five o'clock shadow, eye black, and bandana—with 100 percent of the proceeds to be donated to Special Olympics in the greater Cleveland area.

Baker's commitment to individuals with special needs is nothing new. During his days at Oklahoma University, Mayfield worked with special needs groups regularly. Baker stated at a press conference: "It comes from my love and passion to try and inspire kids and inspire others, and then also the love for competing. So, for me, there's no better cause than Special Olympics."

Baker Mayfield's clothing line can be found HERE