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Dancer Robert Wallop's Performance Draws Standing Ovation


Robert Wallop is the back to back gold medal winner of the 2015 World Summer Games in Los Angeles, Calif. and the 2017 World Winter Games in Graz, Austria in the Solo division of the Special Olympics World Dance Competition.

He also placed fourth with his crew, RhythmXpress, in the group category. The standing room-only seating at the competition and the enthusiasm the dancers were able to contribute to the Closing Ceremony clearly show how dance is valued not only by Special Olympics but also each of these athletes from all over the globe.

There are no limitations to the beauty of expression of our thoughts and feelings through dance. Robert received a standing ovation for his performance, not because he has a disability but because he has a gift that he is able to share and that people are grateful to experience.

Watch Robert's Gold performance.