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National Institutes of Health Designates People with Disabilities as a Population with Health Disparities

Man holding a sign that reads: #Inclusive-Health
2018 Health Messenger Training related to the USA Games Fitness Lead-Up Challenge hosted in Indiana.

This week saw a huge win for the disability community! In the USA, The National Institutes of Health have designated people with disabilities (PWD) as a population with health disparities. This designation promotes funding for research specific to the health issues and unmet health needs of these populations, and develop effective interventions to address them. With this designation by one of the most influential health agencies in the world, Special Olympics has yet another ally as we work to improve access to healthcare and health outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities. We urge you to join us in recognizing the issue, conducting research and appropriately resourcing solutions.

- Dimitri Christakis, Vice President, Global Health Promotion, Prevention, and Policy Advocacy, Special Olympics International (SOI)

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