Special Olympics Recurring Segment on the Ben and Bilal Show on Canada Talks/SiriusXM

Tune-in to the Ben and Bilal Show on Canada Talks 167/SiriusXM every Wednesday at 5:30pm for the recurring Special Olympics segment to explore how the people, events and programs make the movement so powerfully inclusive. They will talk to Special Olympics athletes, celebrity Ambassadors and supporters, staff and more!

In case you missed them, check out these interviews.

Denis Doolan joins Ben and Bilal Oct 28th 2020
Denis Doolan, Special Olympics Chief of Organizational Excellence discusses why Special Olympics athletes make good leaders and shines a light on his personal connection to the movement.

Other Special Olympics mentions on the show include:
Dhani Jones joins Ben and Bilal Oct 13th 2020
Dhani Jones, former NFL player, shares his feelings about how Special Olympics demonstrates the power of sports. Starts at about 15:30.

Dan Grieb joins Ben and Bilal Nov 11th 2020
As a coach and guide, Dan Grieb recently helped Special Olympics athlete Chris Nikic make history by becoming the first person with Down syndrome to complete a full IRONMAN triathlon.