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Special Olympics UAE, Special Olympics Kuwait Sign Mou in Preparation for World Winter Games Kazan 2022

17 representatives of both organizations standing in a single row for a group photo.

The signing ceremony took place at the Dubai Sports Council headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The agreement was signed by Talal Al Hashemi, National Director of Special Olympics UAE, and Rehab Bouresli, National Director of Special Olympics Kuwait, with Nasser Aman Al Rahma, Assistant Secretary-General of the Dubai Sports Council, and Theyab Al Rashidi, Kuwait's Consul-General in Dubai in attendance. Special Olympics UAE athletes, Mohammed Al Tajer, UAE equestrian champion, and Mariam Thyab, Official Spokeswoman for Special Olympics MENA, and representatives from Dubai Sports Council, UAE Winter Sports Federation, and Ski Dubai also attended.

Al Hashemi said, "The goal of this bilateral agreement is to provide and exchange knowledge and training opportunities between Special Olympics UAE and Special Olympics Kuwait, which will support initiatives including inclusive leadership programmes, youth councils and conferences.

"We are preparing our athletes for the World Winter Games Kazan 2022, and we will provide everything necessary to ensure that the training of Special Olympics Kuwait team, during their training period in the UAE, is productive and successful. Through the dedicated support provided by our strategic partners such as the Dubai Sports Council, the UAE Winter Sports Federation, Ski Dubai, and the coaches from clubs dedicated to People of Determination across the country, we are confident this will be achieved."

Bouresli said, "This agreement marks the continued collaboration between Kuwait and the UAE, especially in supporting inclusion in society and improving opportunities given to People of Determination to become active participants in society. With the UAE’s experience and exceptional execution in hosting the 2018 Special Olympics Regional Games and the 2019 World Games, we are confident about the care, organization and knowledge that will be provided to all athletes."

Bouresli took the opportunity to congratulate the leadership and people of the UAE on their upcoming Golden Jubilee, Year of the 50th, as well as the upcoming launch of Dubai Expo 2020.

Al Rahma said the MoU reflects the support of the leadership of the UAE and Kuwait for our community and provides people with intellectual disabilities with an opportunity to practice their favorite sports, represent their country, and meet their peers in various sports tournaments and forums.

Special Olympics UAE and Kuwait will work together to develop an annual calendar of various sports events for athletes, their families, and their caregivers. The partnership will support the joint goal of reaching the highest number of disciplines covered under Special Olympics between the countries. Special Olympics UAE and Kuwait will collaborate on designing and implementing the training programmes for managers, referees, and administrators in all sports.

The agreement will support the Unified Games programme by providing technical support, training, licensing, and continuous development for volunteers and trainers, which will help establish and develop qualified teams to play these games. This includes the opportunity for nominated Special Olympics’ health programme specialists to attend specialized trainings on providing healthcare for persons with disabilities.

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