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UNICEF Kenya Profiles Special Olympics Athlete to Demonstrate Success

Buxton Gitimu is the subject of a piece by UNICEF Kenya that highlights the success of UNICEF’s partnership with Special Olympics Kenya in promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles for athletes.
Girls from Special Olympics Kenya play with soccer ball.
Girls from Special Olympics Kenya play with soccer ball.

The following excerpt is from an article titled Children with Disabilities Learn Through Sport During COVID-19 that was originally published on the UNICEF website.

Special Olympics Kenya, supported by UNICEF, provides their athletes with exercises while at home. The Special Olympics ‘Fit 5’ programme helps to engage children in physical exercise. The organisation sends an exercise schedule to coaches through their mobile phones, who then relay this to the parents. It is designed around exercises that can easily be done at home, including in small spaces, and can be done by the whole family.
“Buxton is academically challenged so I also concentrate on his better side, which is sport activities. Children with special needs, especially those with intellectual disabilities, tend to overeat. So during this time they are at home because of COVID-19, it is important that parents involve them in exercises to make sure that they remain healthy and strong.”
Coach George Muriuki

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