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WWE Superstar Becky Lynch Highlights School of Strength in Sports Illustrated Interview

While WWE Superstar Becky Lynch recounted her momentous year to Sports Illustrated, she highlighted her participation in the Special Olympics School of Strength fitness campaign and why working with the organization is so important to her.
Becky Lynch and athletes in the ring.
Becky Lynch and Special Olympics athletes on the set of School of Strength video shoot.

This is an excerpt of a Sports Illustrated article titled Becky Lynch Discusses Her WWE Farewell, Her Relationships with Asuka and the Special Olympics

Through WWE, she has partnered with Special Olympics for the “School of Strength” program, offering workouts to athletes who are looking to continue their training despite COVID-19 restrictions postponing or canceling local Program Games around the world.

“I started with Special Olympics in 2015 and I loved it so much I requested to be at as many events as possible,” said Lynch. “These athletes have so much energy, love and enthusiasm. Working with them has been so uplifting, I just have the time of my life.’”

The “School of Strength” program features four workout videos with increasing levels, as well as additional resources that include nutrition, a fitness tracker and health tips.

“The workouts involve strength-training, balance and cardio, and they’re really quite challenging,” said Lynch. “It’s perfect to keep people motivated so they can keep up their strength and don’t skip a beat once they return to their Special Olympic teams. It makes me so happy that this helps people train at home.”

About School of Strength

For the first time in its over 50-year history, Special Olympics has created a fitness video series in partnership with WWE for Special Olympics athletes, led by Special Olympics athletes. The campaign targets Special Olympics athletes in their late teens and 20s, and lives on The fitness campaign features four workout videos with varying levels of difficulty in flexibility, strength, balance and endurance exercises encouraging athletes to commit to a lifetime of fitness habits.

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