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Inclusion Revolution Radio
An athlete led podcast featuring athletes, partners, ambassadors, employees, and supporters of Special Olympics.
Novie Craven on a field with her arms out.
Inclusion Revolution Radio is led by Special Olympics athletes for anyone and everyone who is interested in Special Olympics and the work that we do!
Tennis player celebrating.
This podcast, hosted by Special Olympics athletes for both internal and external audiences. It further digitizes the movement and serves as another opportunity for storytelling.
Daina Shilts sitting in the snow celebrating.
Episodes premiere every other Friday at 10amET.
Snowboarder moving across the snow.
Anywhere you listen to podcasts including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora. Google Podcasts, Amazon music.
Ben playing bocce.
The podcast provides an outlet to speak with those connected to the movement and provides an opportunity to talk to supporters of Special Olympics.
Meet the Team
Podcast Host and Special Olympics Athlete
Podcast Producer and Special Olympics Communications Specialist
Podcast Content Manager and Special Olympics Young Athletes Specialist
Editorial Manager and Communications Fellow