50 for 50 With Sergeant Brett Sobieraski

50 for 50 with Sergeant Brett Sobieraski.jpg

Sergeant Brett Sobieraski, a 30 year veteran of the Rochester Police Department, put together a special 50 for 50 fundraiser. Sobieraski ran for 50 hours straight along the Erie Canal to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Special Olympics. He completed 175 miles during his 50 for 50 challenge.

Sobieraski, a longtime supporter and Law Enforcement Torch Runner for Special Olympics New York, raised over $12,000 during his 50 for 50 challenge.

“This 50 for 50 run is with the hope to raise money so every athlete that wishes to compete through Special Olympics New York has the opportunity to do so,” said Sobieraski. “No one should be left behind and everyone should experience their own form of greatness through competition within this amazing organization.”

Donations to support Sobieraski’s 50 for 50 accomplishment can be made at http://events.nyso.org/SergeantBrettSobieraski.