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Announcing the Launch of the NEW 2021 Special Olympics Football Coaching Guide

Football Coaching Guide cover and internal page

Special Olympics Coach Education and Development is delighted to announce the launch of the NEW 2021 Football Coaching Guide. Created in association with our Sport Resource Team (SRT), the new and improved coaching guide offers a wide range of updated resources for coaches of all levels.

With its first update since 2004, the new coaching guide now offers modern best-practice content and is available in multiple formats for easy access and readability.

With new football-specific content, the coaching guide offers helpful advice to coaches in areas such as:

  • Psychology
  • Fitness
  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Planning
  • Special Olympics Divisioning Process

Covering all strands of the sport offered by Special Olympics, the new coaching guide also provides:

  • Insightful player-centered material
  • Tips and tricks to becoming a better coach
  • Faces of football videos for technical activities
  • Sample training sessions for coaches to use with their teams
“The new football coaching guide allows us to keep our coaches up to date with current best-practice in the sport. Upskilling and improving your sporting knowledge are essential parts of developing as a coach and this guide offers football coaches the opportunity to do so. Fundamentally, we want to create the best sporting environment for our athletes and well-trained and educated coaches lead that. In current times, when in-person coach education isn’t possible, resources like this coaching guide allow us to reach as many coaches as we possibly can.”
Lou Lauria, Chief of Sport & Competition, Special Olympics International

The guide is available in an interactive online format here.

Or in an easily downloadable PDF format for offline use here.

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