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Community Impact

Bharat Athlete Leaders Attend Leadership Academy


A new group of Special Olympics leaders completed the Leadership Academy workshop in Kolkata, India.

For the first time, four athlete leaders from Special Olympics Bharat—Aagam Shah, Shrey Kaidan, Kimberly Nunes and Harshvardhan Singh—participated in the Academy. They performed very well and actively participated in the workshop together with the state and national directors, head coaches and other leaders.

They learned about leadership concepts, engaged in group discussions and shared important insights. Not only did the other leaders involve and include them as equals but their contributions also helped to shape the thinking that was emerging in the workshop.

Shrey wrote to the group as he was leaving Kolkata: “Thank you everyone and thanks, SOB team and family, congratulations to SO 50 years, I am very happy.” Special Olympics promotes inclusive leadership inside and outside of the movement, and meaningful inclusion of athletes is critical to our success globally.