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Bharat (India)

Special Olympics Wishes You a Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and mom-figures around the world of the athletes, coaches, volunteers, staff and supporters of the Special Olympics movement. Today, we recognize and thank you for all your hard work.Neena Garg is the mother of Muskan, an athlete from Special Olympics India. Neena faced isolation when family and community members turned their backs on her for loving and supporting Muskan. She fought to find a way for them to build community and confidence. Their efforts led Muskan all the way to Berlin where she competed as a powerlifter at the 2019 World Games.

From Adversity To Triumph – An Inspiring Journey

“These kids we label ‘special’, are truly born to do special things in their lives!”
3 Min Read

Bikes Across Borders

On the surface, cycling may seem like an individual sport, but it takes a team to get competitors across the finish line.
3 Min Read

World Games Spotlight: Ranveer Singh, India

Ranveer made headlines in his local papers in 2015 when he became the first Bharat athlete to win a gold medal in golf at a World Games competition.
1 Min Read

Promoting Youth Engagement in India: Special Olympics Bharat’s Story

A National Youth Leadership Summit in India motivates youth of all abilities to be leaders in their communities.
3 Min Read

Simran's Journey to the Global Youth Summit

For the past five years Simran Sahni, a Youth Leader from Special Olympics Bharat, has been on the front lines of the inclusion revolution.
1 Min Read

Advocating Inclusion: The Story of Sahil and His Mother

Sahil's mother has watched her son Sahil, who has Down Syndrome, grow into a confident and social Youth Leader since Play Unified: Learn Unified was introduced to his school.
2 Min Read

Finding Her Voice Through Unified Sports

In a remote town in Haryana, Bharat, Unified Schools and Sports are helping youth with and without disabilities find confidence and acceptance.
2 Min Read

A Young Unified Partner from India Makes History by Scaling New Heights at Kilimanjaro

A Special Olympics India Unified Partner becomes youngest Asian girl to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
1 Min Read

BBC Features Special Olympics Roller-skating Champion in ‘India Sportswoman of the Year’ series

BBC Features Special Olympics Roller-skating Champion in ‘India Sportswoman of the Year’ series.
1 Min Read