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Special Olympics and WWE Health and Fitness Caregiver Guide

A Fitness and Nutrition Resource for People With Intellectual Disabilities
School of Strength Athletes pose with WWE Superstar Becky Lynch

During COVID-19, as our athletes spend more time indoors, it’s important for them to find new ways to stay healthy. This School of Strength Caregiver Kit, developed in partnership with WWE, provides tips and tools for tracking their physical activity, nutrition, and hydration—so that athletes and people with intellectual disabilities can stay fit while staying at home.

Find nutrition basics that encourage your athlete to make healthy choices on their own. You’ll also get a fitness tracker you and your athlete can use to set goals and record progress.

Thank you, families and caregivers, for everything you do!
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Special Olympics Families: Good Health Starts at Home
Have your athlete do the activities in this kit together with the School of Strength workout videos to encourage good fitness and nutrition habits that will stick with them for life. Encourage your athlete to use the included Fitness Tracker to track their progress and motivate them to stay active between training sessions. Don’t be afraid to join in! You can set a good example, make exercise feel more fun, and even get some of those fitness benefits for yourself.

Healthy Habits Mean Healthy Choices
Daily healthy habits are important for fitness. Physical activity, nutrition, and hydration are the building blocks that empower athletes to live their best, and healthiest, possible lives. Encourage your athlete to make healthy choices every day using the tips in this kit.

Nutrition: Healthy Recipes for Smarter Snacking
Food is fuel. Fueling up with nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables is an important part of athlete fitness. Use this guide for quick and easy healthy snack suggestions that taste great.

Hydration: Swap Soda or Juice for Flavored Water
Water is always the healthiest way to hydrate. Use this guide to find simple water recipes that can help your athlete enjoy their favorite flavors without the added sugars found in sodas, sports drinks, juices, or energy drinks.

Physical Activity: Get the Printable Fitness Tracker for Special Olympics Athletes
Nutrition is just one part of being healthy. Your athlete’s Special Olympics coach will be helping them stay physically active using the School of Strength Coaches Playbook, which includes fun exercises. Encourage your athlete to do these lessons at home by checking out the homework suggestions in the playbook and encouraging them to work out to the School of Strength videos.

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