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Athlete Leadership

Trying to Rebound after COVID-19

One Special Olympics club in Kenya struggles to increase athlete and coach participation to pre-Covid levels two years after the end of the lockdown.
3 Min Read

United Airline’s Miles on a Mission Collects Miles for Special Olympics

Long-time Special Olympics corporate partner United Airlines announced that Special Olympics will be highlighted as a recipient of the airlines’ Miles on a Mission program.
1 Min Read

Coach Webinar Series 2023, presented by Gallagher

The Special Olympics Coach Webinar Series, presented by Gallagher, is back for 2023!
1 Min Read

Providing a Voice for the Athletes, Speaking Opportunities by Special Olympics

Throughout the Special Olympics North America Region, Programs are creating opportunities for Special Olympics athletes to find their voices and share their powerful stories.
3 Min Read

Special Olympics Athletes Announce NFL Draft Pick for Minnesota Vikings

Two athletes from Special Olympics Missouri and Special Olympics Kansas had the honor of co-announcing the 141st pick in the 2023 NFL Draft for the Minnesota Vikings. Richard Scott and Josh Alters, both passionate multi-sport athletes, were chosen to make the pick.
1 Min Read

A Three-Decade-Long Friendship Celebrated in Coach Receiving Outstanding Coach Award

Coach Joe Bellini and Special Olympics athlete Will Smith have known each other for nearly 30 years. Their relationship isn’t the typical coach/athlete relationship because the connection runs so deep. Here is their story.
4 Min Read

From the Island of Oahu To the Mainland of Berlin, Germany, Special Olympics Hawaii Athlete Will Officiate Bocce at World Games

Shavanna Mahoe has the distinction of being Hawaii’s first and only Special Olympics athlete who serves as a certified bocce official.
2 Min Read

Hays on the Hill: My 2023 Capitol Hill Day Experience

This year's Capitol Hill Day wasn't my first (I've been to eight others!), but it was our first in-person Hill Day in several years and I was so excited to be back! It was amazing to see so many of my favorite people in person and to meet so many new people.
4 Min Read


Happy New Year, everyone! Can you believe it is 2023?! It’s so hard to imagine that four years in my role as an SSIGM have already gone by. I can honestly say these years have certainly been filled with adventure and the unexpected.
6 Min Read

Building An Inclusive Society: Goals For Final Year of My SSIGM Term

I have four meaningful goals for this year that I hope to accomplish, with the love and support of my mentors and staff from Special Olympics and my family and friends.
5 Min Read