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Ben Haack

Athlete Leader Ben Haack Covers the Special Olympics Egypt vs Special Olympics Costa Rica Game Egypt vs Costa Rica

In an amazing, tight suspenseful game where there were 14 brilliant saves from the goalkeepers and there was brilliant pulsating football (soccer) that captured the… well then whistle blew for normal time at 1-1.
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Celebrity Match at Special Olympics Unified Cup 2022

The Special Olympics Unified Cup 2022 Celebrity Match kicked off before the women’s and men’s Division 1 Finals today at Keyworth Stadium in Detroit, Michigan.
2 Min Read

5 Things You Should Know Before Serving on a Special Olympics Board

Ben Haack served for 9 years on the Board of his local Program, Special Olympics Australia. We asked him to share his advice for young Athlete Leaders in Africa Region wanting to do the same.
7 Min Read

Special Olympics Athlete Leader Tackles Lack of Inclusive Research

Ben Haack, Special Olympics Athlete Leader from Australia, and Olivia Najdovski, 2020 Social Connectedness Fellow at Special Olympics, discuss the need to include people with intellectual disabilities in research design for studies pertaining to them in a post for The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness.
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The Mission of Inclusion Includes Digital Accessibility for All

Global Accessibility Awareness Day recognizes the need to make digital tools and information available to people of all abilities. Digital accessibility is more important than ever to keep people informed, connected and active during these uncertain times due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus.
1 Min Read

Leading with Empathy in an Uncertain World

This world right now is going through a once in a lifetime event, that has put us on the brink. Yet through that, a unique organisation has some very powerful yet simple messages coming from an even more unique group of people who have never been on the global radar.
3 Min Read

Athlete Leader Ben Haack Reflects on Autism Quiet Hour in Shops

On Friday, I was doing my rounds at the local shops when I noticed a sign. It said that there will be a quiet hour from 3-4 for people who have Autism.
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