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The Mission of Inclusion Includes Digital Accessibility for All

Two girls sitting side by side taking a selfie.
Special Olympics Youth Leaders at the SOEE Regional Youth Summit in Sweden.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day recognizes the need to make digital tools and information available to people of all abilities. Digital accessibility is more important than ever to keep people informed, connected and active during these uncertain times due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus.

Skillsoft, a partner of the Special Olympics Leadership Academy for the past five years, recently hosted a digital conference called Perspectives 2020: Unleash Your Greatness to discuss the future of eLearing. Among their invited speakers were Special Olympics CEO Mary Davis, Special Olympics International Board of Directors Ben Haack and Health Messenger from Special Olympics Great Britain Kiera Byland.

Watch some of their comments here.

Special Olympics and Skillsoft

“Research has shown that companies with an inclusive culture are more likely to achieve business outcomes and meet or exceed financial performance, “Mary said in her remarks to an audience of 41,000 people. Excited about bringing more access to people with intellectual disabilities she continued, “True inclusion can only be achieved through a substantial culture shift that welcomes all people.”

Reflecting back on the conference, Ben pointed out that many athletes have been utilizing the digital resources made available by Special Olympics. “Our athletes have found ways, through online fitness and online, found ways to stay fit and healthy, which I think is another good example of how technology can be used in in a very positive way.”

Keira spoke to the power of being able to tell one’s own story through technology. “Special Olympics athletes are trendsetters and we need to make sure that we can continue to help athletes keep inclusion going and to reach more and more people out there.”

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, Chief Marketing Officer at Skillsoft, couldn’t agree more. “Our hope is together, with you and your teams, we can work together to drive greater inclusivity and to bring the mission of both SkillSoft as well as Special Olympics to the fore for the hundreds of thousands of companies that we work with every single day.”

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