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World Games Spotlight: Ranveer Singh, India

Young man standing next to golf clubs.

Ranveer made headlines in his local papers in 2015 when he became the first Bharat athlete to win a gold medal in golf at a World Games competition.

That was not the first time Ranveer received widespread acclaim. He was also the first Special Olympics Bharat athlete to be a LIMCA Book of Records holder for four consecutive years. In addition, he’s a recipient of the Highest Sports Honor of State, the ‘Bhim Award.' His performance at the Special Olympics Golf Masters in 2013, not only brought him victories at Level I and Level 2; his achievement earned him another mention in the the LIMCA Book of Records.

Through the years, Ranveer has trained diligently to perfect his swing. Diagnosed with autism at age 2, he has been fighting negative stereotypes all his life—and changing attitudes as well.

Ranveer - SO Bharat SOAP
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