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Cerebral Palsy

Healthy Athletes Gives Xu Better Footing for Sports, Life

Xu has always been ready to try—even if things get tough. He was born with cerebral palsy, so sometimes it took him a little longer to reach his growth milestones. But Xu, who was born in Inner Mongolia, didn't give up.
1 Min Read

Samantha Soars

For SO New Zealand athlete Samantha Shepherd, Special Olympics is the place where she found belonging, personal growth and friendship.
2 Min Read

World Cerebral Palsy Day with Novie Craven and RJ Nealon

Novie Craven speaks with former Special Olympics athlete, RJ Nealson, about living with Cerebral Palsy on the “Inclusion Revolution Radio” Podcast.
1 Min Read

One Step Further: Living and Thriving with Cerebral Palsy

A first-person story about living with cerebral palsy. I was born on Nov. 18, 1993, but my story really didn’t start until I was six months old.
5 Min Read