Gymnastics - Rhythmic

Two women sit among a group of children all wearing matching blue t-shirts.
Katelyn Garbin from Oslo, Norway has grown from a talented young Special Olympics gymnast into Head Coach of the Norwegian Rhythmic Gymnastics team.
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four images of athletes in action poses.
All across the nation, Special Olympics athletes are gearing up for their state’s annual Summer Games.
1 Min Read
"Special Olympics made me a more outgoing person." Read more about Lani's remarkable journey.
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Melissa and Elia: "Our Paths Crossed ..."
Here's a vignette from ESPN about two athletes who are there for each other -- celebrating life's special moments, together.
How Lani DeMello Defied a Doctor's Predictions
"She’s never going to achieve anything." That's what Lani's mom was told by a doctor. Watch to learn how Lani proved him (very) wrong.
Gymnastics Chose Me
Alyssa Sims says Special Olympics helped her learn to, "not think of myself as having a disability." Hear her triumphant story.