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Mack Hollins

Inclusion Revolution Radio: Mack Hollins (Season 5, Episode 2)

Novie Craven and Special Olympics Champion Ambassador and Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver, Mack Hollins discuss the highlights of his journey in the NFL, how his series “Fast Fact Friday” started, and why working with Special Olympics to promote inclusion is so important to him.

Special Olympics Champion Ambassador Mack Hollins Joins the Inclusion Revolution Radio Podcast

Inclusion Revolution Radio host Novie Craven welcomed Special Olympics Champion Ambassador Mack Hollins to the podcast for this week’s episode.
1 Min Read

The Athletic Featured Mack Hollins and His Support of Special Olympics

The following is an excerpt from the article titled Mack Hollins’ special start to his Las Vegas Raiders career, and why he’s excited about the offense published by The Athletic.
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Special Olympics Athletes Shine at Virtual NFL Big Game Media Tour

Special Olympics takes part in the Big Game media tour virtually.
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