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Special Olympics Oklahoma Fighting Peacocks Playing for Something Larger

It is an overcast sky in the middle of September as the leaves break away from the trees, signaling the changing of seasons.
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Special Olympics North America Championship Wraps up Day Two of Softball Competition

On a crisp and chilly Saturday morning at Peaks View Park in Lynchburg, Virginia, Special Olympics softball teams from across the United States and Canada joined together for the 2023 Special Olympics North America Softball Championship. Teams, both traditional and Unified, started in a round-robin format.
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Stingers Family Values: Sportsmanship Turns to Success

The Lasalle-Windsor Stingers dugout was filled with raucous energy as the lanky Matthew Cormier made his way to the batter’s box. His teammates cheered, clapped, and stomped to encourage Cormier as he prepared for his turn at bat. Chants of "let's go Matt!" filled the air. It had the atmosphere of a tightly contested game where everything was on the line.
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Longtime Special Olympics Competitor Collins Clingman Ready for His USA Games Moment

With excitement in his voice, Collins Clingman talks about his lifelong passion for the Green Bay Packers and Iowa Hawkeye football. The Ottumwa, Iowa, native also says he’s a season ticket holder for the local community college’s basketball team. He loves to watch games with his brother-in-law, and for more than 25 years, he’s participated in athletics, softball and bowling for Special Olympics Iowa. There’s no denying it: Clingman is in his element whenever sports are involved.
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Haylie McCleney of Women’s USA Softball shares Advice for Athletes Everywhere

Haylie McCleney joined the Inclusion Revolution Radio podcast to talk about their partnership with Special Olympics and give advice to young athletes.
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Brevard Banditz Win Softball Gold, Honor Retiring Coaches

After the Unified team from Florida won, Bob Rall and Tonya Snodgrass took off their shoes and laid them on home plate. Learn why.
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