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Inclusive Fitness for All: Meet Banele

Banele on the track on the left and on the beach on the left.

Banele is a South Africa athlete and athlete leader who built on his basketball and athletics skills to become a coach. Then, he became decided to share his training techniques with others in his community.

Banele sees that exercise has countless benefits, such as weight loss and muscle gain, better sleep, and more energy. He also believes exercise can help with disease prevention and increased immunity. But what he admires most is tthe fact that fitness can bring a boost in self-confidence and a new joy for life.

He is not only committed to his own personal fitness, but is now using his skills and knowledge to run a small community exercise club in his home town. He is working hard to support and encourage other athletes and community members to keep fit and stay healthy.

Through it all, Benele is proving every day that inclusion works!

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